Ambassador of India

a journey of Indian themes through popular culture


Ambassador of India is all about celebrating how far Indian themes have infiltrated into our present day. I’m Bhavna, a second generation British-Indian now living in Sydney, Australia. Balancing an Indian heritage with a western-style lifestyle, I’m exploring and sharing Indian rituals, practices and talents which have evolved over the years and found their way into mainstream popular culture across areas of wellness, lifestyle and entertainment. Grab a chai tea and enjoy a light hearted mix of Indian inspired articles.


Top 10 Indian Themed Movies

India may be the home of Bollywood, but the lights, camera and action doesn’t stop there. Hollywood film-makers have used the sub-continent not only as a backdrop for many classic productions but more and more Indian themed movies depicting values, cultures and lifestyle have inspired writers, directors and producers to weave the Indian culture andContinue reading “Top 10 Indian Themed Movies”


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