Womankind Magazine: The India Edition

Many magazines are a collection of advertising material telling us what sort of life we deserve if we bought into a particular brand. Or updates on latest celebrity family scandals, who wore which dress better at a red carpet event or which D-list celebrity is now separated, back with their ex, re-marrying or celebrating baby news. Magazines have been a literature version of Instagram where the content is more or less image based and the view is curated and filtered to paint a picture unlike the reality it deems to portray. Enter Womankind magazine.

Woman kind describes itself as “the first women’s magazine to shun the things that the mainstream media tell us make for a good life“. With thought provoking editorial introductions, articles covering topics relevant and engaging to women worldwide, beautiful illustrations partnered with quotes, each edition delivers on what it sets out to achieve. Each edition is themed, usually around a country with each cover being graced with a modern graphical representation of the editions country theme.

For the launch edition, the cover depicted a colourful portrait profile of a woman. Upon closer look, the portrait was in fact, made up of tiny butterflies representing the theme of metamorphic or ‘a new era for women’ as the theme.

Womankind: Launch Edition

As part of the introduction, the editor declares the good life is geared towards material wealth, career success and fame but provides food for thought in reminding the reader, if a butterfly whose life spans a mere 14 days can manage to experience a full life and leave a legacy, what potential we have as part of the human or woman race.

My favourite edition to date, is the India themed edition. Blazoned on the cover is a bold, abstract graphic of Hindu goddess Laxmi, sitting amidst a lotus flower holding treasures in each of her six arms. The cover is fitting as Laxmi represents female beauty, love and good fortune and is a symbol of female empowerment. The edition features articles written and produced by an array of talented journalists, writers, authors and photographers who showcase perspectives from a range of women, articles on experiences of ashram life, Ayurvedic living and how Indira Gandhi has influenced women today. The perspectives read as fresh and authentic, a far cry from a feature article about ashram life and meditation retreats you normally find in a yoga/wellbeing subscription magazine.

Well Done Team Womankind! At last, there is an intelligent, cultured and inspirational magazine aimed at women which will serve as perfect reading material to accompany a well brewed cup of tea or cheeky G&T when you find a moment in solitude and want to be reminded you are valued, appreciated and heard. Go on, pick up a copy today…because you’re worth it!

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