Womankind Magazine: The India Edition

Many magazines are a collection of advertising material telling us what sort of life we deserve if we bought into a particular brand. Or updates on latest celebrity family scandals, who wore which dress better at a red carpet event or which D-list celebrity is now separated, back with their ex, re-marrying or celebrating babyContinue reading “Womankind Magazine: The India Edition”

Top 10 Indian Themed Movies

India may be the home of Bollywood, but the lights, camera and action doesn’t stop there. Hollywood film-makers have used the sub-continent not only as a backdrop for many classic productions but more and more Indian themed movies depicting values, cultures and lifestyle have inspired writers, directors and producers to weave the Indian culture andContinue reading “Top 10 Indian Themed Movies”

Breaking Bad : an Indian Vipassana experience

Meditation practice is found at the heart of ancient Indian culture and is now being openly adopted in popular culture to help achieve a sense of calm and wellbeing. The last decade has seen a rise in the meditation movement with various forms of meditation gaining active interest in western culture. From transcendental, and mantraContinue reading “Breaking Bad : an Indian Vipassana experience”

Indian Matchmaking

Love it or loathe it, Netflix’s series Indian Matchmaking is a light hearted, addictive, cringe-worthy TV series worth a peek. This series introduces Sima Tapania, Mumbai’s top marriage matchmaker who has made a business from matters of the heart. Sima takes you on her journey as she shares the trials and tribulations faced when helpingContinue reading “Indian Matchmaking”